Welcome to The Emmanuel Centre

The Emmanuel Centre is a volunteer-run self-help centre for people with disabilities. A number of support groups and organisations are involved in running the centre.Together, we aim to provide a caring, supportive environment for those living with disabilities. The Emmanuel Centre is often described as the place to contact if you have tried everywhere else. Through our large volunteer base, we offer information, support, counselling, advocacy, library lending and resources,  work experience and training. We accept the challenges that often seem too difficult. If you’d like more information, or just need someone to talk to,please don’t hesitate to contact us. Find out more about The Emmanuel Centre.

 Break Down the Barriers

Download ‘Breakdown the Barriers’ pastoral statement of concern and discussion booklets here.

Plenary Council

Download slides on How to run a plenary council group (with Auslan videos) here.

Archbishop Costelloe Plenary Council Video

Plenary Council Video (Lana Turvey-Collins)

Creating Accessible Events

Download a guide to creating accessible events:

Guide to Creating_Accessible_Events (PDF)

Guide to_Creating_Accessible_Events (WORD)

Photo Gallery –

Click the image below to see the photo gallery.

Picture Gallery
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