About The Emmanuel Centre


The Emmanuel Centre is a self-help centre for people with disabilities, comprising a number of organisations, groups and support networks. Emmanuel is often described as the place to contact if you have tried everywhere else.

At the Emmanuel Centre, we accept the challenges that often seem too difficult. We believe that there is no such word as ‘can’t’ – there are only things we haven’t yet learned how to do.

Programmes and activities at The Emmanuel Centre focus on the belief that we are all made in the image and likeness of God. With Christ as the head, we are all part of the one body.

The Emmanuel Centre was formed in 1981, the International Year of Disabled Persons, by a committee of Catholic volunteers with a background in social work. These volunteers made a submission to the Archbishop Goody, calling for the establishment of a specialty centre for people with disabilities and their families.

The official opening of the Emmanuel Centre took place on Sunday the 6th December 1981, presided over by Archbishop Goody. The centre is currently home to a number of organisations and initiatives, working together to make life easier for people with disabilities.

For more information about the Emmanuel Centre, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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